Finals Official Smogon Doubles Tournament I - Finals [Won by Nido-Rus]

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mish mish
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grats nido, you've been great this year winning seasonal and now this tour, it is too bad you will be too busy for scl as I'm sure you would do great there as well. Thanks to the people who gave me teams, ideas and helped me test, especially the dou ladder for providing easy wins to boost my confidence. I've been more motivated recently to play this tier after not accomplishing much the previous couple years and I'm glad it could show a good run here even if I didn't win.
Very late in posting this, but thank you to everyone who supported me throughout this run! I definitely couldn't have done it without you all. GGs mishi, it's been a fun time.

For anyone interested, I've posted all of my replays through the run and the teams for each game here:
Feel free to skip my rambling and pick up any teams you like, the pastes are embedded in the pokemon icons. Mishi also posted some cool teams on that thread, as well as other great DOU players. I'd love to see more people playing DOU, it really is a fun format.
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